Shop, send and make money. One app for every need.


  • Shop staples foods at distributor's price.
  • Flexible delivery time.
  • Free delivery and return
  • Discount and commission.


  • Send and receive parcel from ₦300.
  • Flexible pickup and dropoff time.
  • Inter-city delivery coming soon.
  • International shipment with peace of mind.
  • Insurance cover on products.
  • Storage.
  • Track packages.


  • Order cosmetics, groceries, beverages, cakes and pastries, food, health and personal care from your favorite shop.
  • Same shop price.
  • Delivery within 45mins.

Make Money

  • Refer and earn ₦500.
  • Resell products to friends and family.
  • Invest as little as ₦500 to earn over 25%.